Student Spotlight Video

Miranda |2024-01-21

I liked the most about learning to code is how you can control the details that is involved in making your own games..

Ripley |2021-03-07

What I like most about learning code is that you can make anything in your mind come true and you can make fairies and mermaids of all sorts of different colors. You can turn a frog into a witch. You can turn anything into anything you can imagine.

Jihoon |2021-02-07

Coding is really fun. Coding makes it possible for me to create my own game. It has given me a great experience and knowledge.

Jeeva |2021-02-07

I love building games using Scratch and playing them!

Greyson |2020-12-01

What I love about Code With Us .... My teacher and the ability to create ... Coding is knowledge.

Aleena |2020-10-01

I love the fact that I can make whatever comes in my mind, and I feel proud to make my own games. Whenever I go to my coding class, I’m always excited because I know my teacher will teach me something new and exciting. I love coding!!

Noah |2020-10-01

What I like most about learning to code is all the fun and creative things you get to do with it.

Isabella |2020-09-01

Love that you can build WHATEVER you want when you code . You have to think about the game to build, choose the right blocks and the exact variable, otherwise your game goes bad. I love coding because it is a challenge! I really have to focus and keeps me busy. It’s so much fun!!!!!