Java is a programming language invented in 1995 and used for professional development of tools, applications, and games across the world.

"My son has been in the Java class for quite a few months and he loves it! Seems like he learns something new each week. Highly recommend it! "

Evan, Java student at Code With Us

All Java Classes Include
Weekly Progress Updates To Parents From Teachers
Flexible Class Schedule
Custom Coding Curriculum
U.S Based Teachers, Graduates Of Top Universities
Classroom Dashboard
Customer Support
Optional Homework
Class Certificates and Rewards

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Coding Class and Camp With LIVE Instructor

for Ages 10 - 18

Trial Lesson


Trial Group Lesson and Coding Skill Assessment for Free

  • 1 Trial class per student
  • Available 7 days a week
  • US based teachers
  • Scratch, Python, Minecraft, Javascript (15+ Topics)
  • Coding assessment report after the class
  • Complete free to try, no commitment necessary!
Weekly Class

$148 /month $195

Month-to-Month Price, No Long-Term Commitment!

  • Personalized lesson plan
  • Available 7 days a week
  • US based teachers
  • Scratch, Python, Minecraft, Javascript (15+Topics)
  • Weekly progress updates from teachers
  • Month-to-month price, no long-term commitment!
Coding Camp

$345 /week $485

Morning, Afternoon or Full Day Camp options (Mon-Fri).

  • Personalized coding projects
  • Afternoon or Full Day Camp (Mon-Fri)
  • US based teachers
  • 2000+ coding/robotics projects to choose from
  • Camp progress updates from teachers
  • Weekly price, no long-term commitment!

More About Our Java Classes

Java Class Options & Details

Each coding class is 1 hour and students can choose to either attend once a week or twice a week depending on your preference.

You also have the option to choose your preference of the class size. There are two class size options you can choose from either a Small-group class size which is a 3-1 student to teacher ratio or Private classes which is a 1-1 student to teacher ratio. Read more below about how the 2 class options are respectfully operated:

Small-Group Java Classes

Small group classes are a 3:1 student to teacher ratio. In a small group class, a teacher will be helping up to 3 students at once, rotating their attention between them. Each student in the group moves at their own pace and they will receive custom lessons to match their skill level and topic of interest. This means that each student will get custom lesson material and instruction from their teacher each time they join us!

How can students in a small-group class learn different topics at the same time?

  • The teachers are always the same each week, so they learn about each student and are able to keep up with the student's needs and progress.
  • We always take into consideration each student's topic of interest and experience level.
  • The teachers divide their time appropriately with each student in the group.
  • The lessons are intuitive, small group classes are intended for kids who are able to work on their own for short periods of time.
  • The classes are not lecture-style. Instead, they are personalized for each individual student.
Private Java Classes

Private classes are a 1:1 student to teacher ratio. In a private class, a teacher will be helping only 1 student for the 60 minute lesson. In this setting the student will move at their own pace while focusing on their desired topic of interest. The teacher is always the same each week, so they learn about each student and are able to keep up with the student's needs and progress.

How Your Child Benefits

Career Preparation

50% of all new jobs will require some coding skills. We prep students for lucrative careers in software programming.


Computers are the new canvas of the digital world. Students can create and code limitless possibilities!


Coding is an effective S.T.E.A.M. tool that integrates creation, process, and tangible outcomes.


Students work in teams with other like-minded coders to design, code, and have fun.

Problem Solving

Learning to code allows students to break down problems efficiently and find logical solutions.

Improve Self-Esteem

Coding helps kids create products that make them proud, which helps them feel they can accomplish their goals.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Details about Java
What Is Java?

Java Is A Programming Language Used To Make Applications. It Has Become The Premier Language For Business Applications Because Of Its Ability To Run On Any Device. Once Used For Web Applications, It Is Now Primarily Used For Mobile Devices And Desktop Applications.

Who Is Java For?

Java Is Mostly For Adults And High Schoolers Due To Its Difficulty And Heavy Syntax. The AP College Board Test Is Currently Done In Java And That Is Why It Is Popular Among High School Students. Our Recommendation Is That Java Students Be Familiar With Coding Fundamentals And Be 13+ Years Of Age.

When Are Java Classes Available?

Coding Classes Are Available 7 Days A Week All Year-Round And We Guarantee We Can Work With Your Schedule. Students Have The Options To Takes Classes Either Once A Week Or Twice A Week. Each Coding Class Is One Hour And Is Always Customized To Match A Student's Experience Level And Interests. Your Child Can Start Taking Classes With Us In A Week Or Less! To Schedule Classes And Check Out The Class Options Click Here.

How Long Does The Java Program Last?

Our Java Program Is Set To The Pace Of The Student. Typically After A Year, Students Should Be Sound In Java Programming Fundamentals Such As Variables, If Statements, For Loops, Lists, Recursion, Classes, Inheritance, And Much More. Students Can Switch To Another Topic After Mastering The Fundamentals Or Can Continue To Build Bigger Custom Projects With Their Instructor To Further Master Java.

What Is Required To Learn Java?

  • - Laptop or Computer with good internet.

  • - Chrome or Mobile Chrome 63 or higher, Edge 15 or higher, Firefox 57 or higher, Safari or Mobile Safari 11 or higher. Internet Explorer is NOT supported.

  • - Working microphone and speaker. Camera is optional.

  • - Use a headphone/headset for the best experience.